multiracial family man

I was delighted to be interviewed by comedian Alex Barnett for his Multiracial Family Man podcast. I met Alex and his wife during the Katie Couric debacle of 2014. Not only do I like them because they are cool, funny people, but they remind me of my family of origin. That doesn’t happen all that often.



I think we had a great conversation about race, interracial relationships, and the ever evolving multiracial experience.

You can CHECK it out here:

or here:

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And if you want more Alex Barnett, here’s a link to his website where you can read his blog posts and enjoy his stand-up:

5 thoughts on “multiracial family man

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  2. I love the increase of multi-racial families because they show what so many peope fought and died for. The children of these parents also have a variety of ways they could come out looking. Multiracial families are honestly beautiful and unique. They are every shade with beautiful eyes and even more beautiful hair.

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