while i was away

besides hoarding articles, traveling too much for work, and evolving into a more holistic version of myself I had a fantastic time chatting with Heidi and Jennifer on the Mixed Experience podcast while I wasn’t blogging over here.  Y’all know I love me some Heidi Durrow.  She’s not only been a wonderful friend to me, but an inspiration as well! Oh yeah, there’s also that riveting novel she wrote called “The Girl Who Fell From the Sky.” Such an important novel.  Period.  And in terms of the mixed experience it, like Heidi, is a true gem.  Here’s the interview if you’d like to listen.  I’ve been told it’s pretty good.  I also further explain why I had to take a break…again.

heidi and me

The Mixed Experience Podcast

4 thoughts on “while i was away

  1. You expressed some very interesting views and ideas. Have you grown in your understanding of the problem of racism recently? What books or other material do you recommend? I’d like to recommend/ask you about some material/ideas that I think would help advance understanding of racism/white supremacy and help you “take the conversation to the next level.”

  2. Amarante Loiselle was my 4-x-great grandmother. I love New Orleans & lived there from 1997-2005. Years ago my father showed me a history of Memphis about my 4x-great grandparents, Marcus & Marie Winchester, but I don’t recall it mentioning she was from New Orleans. Here is a link to a book on Notable Memphians that sheds some light on her.

    Diana Clark

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