what is this!?

all i could find out was…

No joke. They dance, they sing, they bat their gargantuan eyeballs. It’s called My Little Pony Live: The World’s Biggest Teaparty, and you can buy it on DVD if you feel so inclined.

“Why is this?” might be the more appropriate question.  As much as any little girl of the 1980’s I loved me some MLP’s, but even I am befuddled, albeit mildly amused, by this one.  To this very day, I would be thrilled to receive any of the below pictured vintage items (especially the sleeping bag if you’re looking to get me a present), but if you took me to see that… thing… i do believe i would be upset with you.

2 thoughts on “what is this!?

  1. you know what? Hmm…I actually like the fact that they performed my favorite song from Wicked. Kind of made me forget about all of the creepiness… :/

  2. I googled my little pony and came across your blog. I have a my little pony suitcase exactly like the one you picturedthat I am posting on eBay. Happy to sell to you for $25 plus shipping and handling. It is in like new condition.


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