So many great things come out of Ann Arbor.  Such as Found.  I have the first book and it has provided me with hours of side-splitting, rolling on the ground laughter.  I finally checked the website out today, and while I laughed really hard at some of them I did manage to stay in my seat.  Definitely worth adding to your list of websites to waste some time perusing.

3 thoughts on “found

  1. When did you get the book!? I just bought a book very similar to this last night and I was sitting in the car (alone) reading it and laughing out loud. Alone. I especially like the one about the “runaway” child. And the one to “dear.” Thanks for sharing.

  2. i came across the book in borders 4 years ago while looking for christmas gifts. i bought 3 copies. i just recently started visiting the website. my kind of humor for sure.

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