6 thoughts on “not so fun cakes

  1. I can’t belive someone would take their time to create cupcakes that are degrading.

  2. hey erica! thanks so much for your detailed response to my question! i sincerely appreciate it and will let you know how it turns out.

    these cupcakes are supposedly just halloween ghost cupcakes. but the pointy heads!? i found them on an innocent little blog, in an innocent little post about how cute they are. i have to assume it was the blog of a white person who has the privilege of looking at something like this without feeling the charge from our sordid racial history. that is crazy to me and i don’t think such ignorance is an actual privilege.

    i hope you’re having a good saturday 🙂

  3. hmm….let’s see, KKK cupcakes. If this is “the look,” or idea they were going for, that is disgusting. If you are not in that frame of mind and have never experienced that sort of oppression, I can see how you could overlook something like this. Not trying to justify it…it’s horrifying! As Americans, we know the history! But the KKK members here…I’m not trying to be funny, btw…they look black. Black KKK members? Huh? Really. Couldn’t they have at least used, I don’t know–white cake? What was the purpose of making it chocolate? If in fact, they were meant to be the KKK…? I don’t know where you found this, otherwise I would look for it myself. Could you find out what country these were made from? If that’s possible…there you may find your answer.

  4. My family was making halloween treats and i also came across this and it said “simple ghost cupcakes” obviously thats not what it looked like i was kinda like woah.

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