4 thoughts on “the secrets can be yours for only $28.99

  1. …because the lord knows the white woman is the pinnacle of every man’s desire. Anyway, I saw a couple of your nice youtube videos and wanted to point out http://www.m3tallunchbox.com so you mixed kids could shutup about not being represented in the media. ;P

  2. I guess according to this guy every white woman is exactly the same, and has the same needs and expectations. This idea makes me sick. Of course, I would feel the same way if it said Black Woman or Latino Woman, etc. Just because we have the same complexion does not make us the same.

  3. I just checked out the reviews on Amazon.com. An Asian male writes,

    “…When I got this book, I realized the error of my white-woman-hunting-ways. Now that I’ve seen the light, I can lure them in like moths to the fire. THANKS Adam Quan! My love life is more bubbly than a 100 degree pot in high altitude.”

    This must be a joke. Any self respecting woman of any race would find this offensive. No woman should be seen as a prize for the colour or tone of her skin, but for her strength of character.

    No thankyou Adam Quan.

  4. I totally agree with BsB. This must be a joke!! I can’t believe that “review.” That’s a whole lot of….!!!!

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