And I don’t mean California Pizza Kitchen.

Once upon a time it would have been my life’s goal to attain a collection like this:


or this:


I loved those things.  I probably had ten of them.  My first one’s name was Joanne Abby.  I loved her.  She was black and was wearing a jogging suit.  I found the white version on ebay:

1cp1.JPG=600I resisted placing a bid.

Other fun things I remember:

Cabbage Patch Kids G126


Thank you, Xavier Roberts.

3 thoughts on “cpk

  1. my cabbage patch kid was white with red hair and green eyes …i loved red hair and green eyes for some reason so i just loved her. Bianca *sniff* … just like the 1 you posted (but with green eyes, i mention that already LOL )

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