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Supermodel Heidi Klum and husband Seal have welcomed a new addition to their family.

According to a report from, Klum gave birth to her fourth child, daughter Lou Samuel, early Friday morning.

Labor was induced shortly after midnight and by 1 a.m., the baby was born.

Klum, who recently filed a petition to change her last name to her married name Samuel, has a daughter, Leni, and two sons, Henry, 3, and Johan, 2, with Seal.


3 thoughts on “re: heidi and seal

  1. So beautiful! I love seeing interracial couples. They always make me so giddy and excited inside. I too am biracial and love love love your interviews! Some of the people on your videos have said that they always felt like they didn’t belong in a group. I also have felt that way. Through your videos I feel like I have found my group! It’s so crazy to hear these strangers express experiences and feelings that I can completely relate to!! Something I would love to hear you talk to someone about, is what do you tell children that have a biracial parent and a parent of a single race. I have two kids with my white husband. My son looks exactly like me, but much lighter. My daughter looks nothing like me and has light hair, hazel eyes and very light skin. I know that day will come when my kids will ask me “why do I look like this, why is my hair like this and yours like that.” I would like them to also never deny that they have a mother that is mixed and to address that in their racial identity. I don’t know if that makes sense. Of course it isn’t something I think of everyday. But I just wonder what others think about that. You really need to set up a mullatto convention! How amazing would that be? I so would be there 🙂

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