the dark tenth

Here’s another gem from my excursion.  An excerpt from a Time Magazine article published in 1931.  My favorite parts of this one are:  “practically from the beginning acquired white blood”- like it just magically happened, “conditions imposed by their maternity”- now it would most frequently be imposed by their paternity, and the 80% thing. People often say (or throw in my face) that “we’re all mixed, we’re all biracial- get over it.” I completely understand that we’re all mixed, but before reading this article I imagined that all blacks are mixed because of the aforementioned “acquiring” of white blood. And when I imagined that I thought of it coming directly from a white person. But this old article points out that the white blood often comes from “Negroes and mulattoes…marrying mainly among their own color and so distributing the primary blood mixtures more and more evenly throughout the new race.” It seems obvious (it is obvious), I just never thought of it in that way. 


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