newlogoIt’s official! Mulatto Diaries: The Movie will be screened this summer at the Mixed Roots Film & Literary Festival! I’m so excited! It’ll be shown Saturday June 13th at the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles. Go to  www.mxroots.org for more details!  If you can, make a tax deductible donation while you’re there. Then book a flight and come to L.A. to see my movie. Please.

4 thoughts on “yippee

  1. okay. I’m in school on my break and just let out a shriek in this computer lab!! People lookin at me…. That is soooo good! Congrats! I wanna go. 🙂

  2. I’m excited 4 you! Well….it wasn’t really a “shriek”, more like a loud gasps — or something….lol!

  3. omg! im so excited for you tiffany!! Congrats!! yay!! 🙂 is there a site where we can see like a preview of your movie. like a trailer or something??

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