photo-21I’m sitting in the hotel room again. Feeling grateful for coffee, room service, the grace of God, the power of positive thinking, my job, my dog (and those caring for him while I’m away), my family, my friends, and my self. I did pause before typing “my self”. Is that something I should not be grateful for? It felt kinda weird to write. Like it’s egotistical. But I should be grateful for my self and I think it ties back into the grace of God thing, because I believe that without the grace of God I wouldn’t be my self. Well, I wouldn’t be the parts of my self that I am grateful for anyway. I’ll have to get comfortable with that. Kinda like being comfortable saying I’m “white and black” instead of  “black and white” if someone asked. What’s the difference, anyway?  The chat went well yesterday! They did ask me to “come back”! And my dog is more than ok. I think positive ‘what if’s’ are essential and I’ll be training myself to indulge in them and eradicate the negatives. Let’s see what happens…

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  1. I’m really grateful for your videos. They strike a nerve and they also bring back fond memories. I recently had to step outside of my comfort zone when I went out with a biracial girl for over six months. I didn’t know she was part black until I met her father. That experience really changed my perspective on race and gave me a different outlook on life in general. I grew up in a neighborhood in Queens where there was a lot of racial tension as the area was slowly transitioning itself into a majority minority community.

    I really enjoyed the interview! I wish it was an hour though! You exude confidence and I’m glad that you’re comfortable being yourself.

    You should always bear in mind though that God created us all with a purpose. We are here to correct the injustices and inequalities of this world and also to prepare for a glorious afterlife in the next world. It’s almost impossible to dwell on the negative aspects of this world when I know that I’m going to spend eternity with a loving Creator.

    I’d lay off the coffee though Tiff. That stuff is unhealthy and it tastes horrible.

  2. Yes your right, u should be grateful for yourself. The grace of God has taken you this far through your journey, so it’s very much okay. So many people are grateful for you being just you, black and white, white and black…. i dont think it makes a difference really on which way u say it. I think it depends on how you feel when you say it that matters. so glad you will being coming back to the chat, looking forward to that. 🙂

  3. This line is beautifully said: “I believe that without the grace of God I wouldn’t be my self. Well, I wouldn’t be the parts of my self that I am grateful for anyway.” That’s how I feel about God’s grace in my life. I’m also glad that you are brave enough to share pieces of your black and white, white and black journey with us.

    2 Timothy 4:7 says, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, and I have remained faithful.”

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Hey Tiffany!! I am from Detroit 2 (yayyy) and both of my parents are black. I enjoyed the chat on mixed chicks just as much as I enjoyed all (84??) of your videos. I think that you are the sweeeeetest lady on YT. I have commented on several of your vids. Not one video on YouTube has ever caused tears to freely flow down my face the way yours have. I seriously get a tight lump in the back of my throat that seems to linger whenever I see you get emotional. I have never known ANY biracial (black & white/white & black) person to acknowledge both sides of them. I have always found biracial people (especially the 1/2 black-1/2 white) to be some of the most interesting people on the planet. However, all of the ones that I have met, or even known in the public eye, will make sure that they acknowledge the fact that they are black and disregard (it seems) their white side. It does not seem to matter if they were raised by the white parent or the black parent. I actually have a friend who is a highly intelligent and educated 31 yr old biracial women. From the time I met her (8 yrs ago) she makes it known up front that she is BLACK!! Never mind the fact that the last time she saw her BLACK father was when she was a little girl. Never mind the fact that her WHITE mom raised her and put her and her sister through college –ALONE! Although she is a very good person (don’t get me wrong) something inside of me felt as if there was something wrong with this…but I could not put my finger on it. I have become obsessed with your videos because you are the first person to come along and help me UNDERSTAND why my friend felt as though she needed to REGARD her black side and somewhat DISREGARD her white side. I have encouraged her to tune into your channel and I guess I will keep you posted on her reaction when/if ever she gets around to it. Thank you soooo much, Tiff. BTW…don’t EVER give up coffee. That will be a sin!! Take care.

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