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  1. Hi,

    I’ve viewed some of your journal and watched a few videos on your channel. And honestly I think you might be hurt by the entire topic of black and white relations. They’re are many mixed race ppl of all origins, that have gone thru the trials and tribulations of you’re really not this or that. Yet at the same time it does not need to encompass or take over any outlook.

    You clearly paid your dues to that awful chapter in life that all multi-racial ppl endure at some point. And yeah it definitely sucks, it can be a dreadful time. Obama speaks of this challenge in his book, and how the process took most of his youth to get a grip on. Eventually, we all have to move on, (It’s a big giant world out there…with bigger problems than our personal ones) and face the real issues going on here on planet Earth. That tough part of our growing up really has to do with wordage, and relies on the opinions and categories of others, in order to make their worlds feel more comfortable. And thus so they can move on to other things. That’s the only reason why they’re so excessively concerned how it’s so critical for you to pick one race or the other.

    Honestly their uncomfortable with themselves, and have their own complexes and failures, as everyone does. They either really need to have one comfortable classification of you, in their heads this instant. Or they’re non-opened, mental failures, with too much time on their hands. Or they’re bored, lonely, depressed people, with voids and complexes of their own, which personally is what I have learned. We are all just people dealing with much success and failure at the end of the day.

    I think you should check out Melissa Harris Lacewell, she is a Professor of Politics and African American Studies at Princeton University. She’s often a guest on Countdown wth Keith Olbermann.


    And check out this youtube account as well, she’s a very funny multi-racial girl from Britain, who speaks of race and a broad range of issues.


  2. I disagree with the first reader’s comment. From following your blog over the last month or so, I think you have a very clear sense of self and your place in the world (as it relates to race and otherwise). I think it’s important to recognize the role race plays in a person’s identity, as long as that role doesn’t lead to negative reactions to/interactions with other people.

    Keep up the reporting and positivity!

    ( existenceet.blogspot.com )

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