need to know more

I have been trying to find out more info on these intended house boys all day.  I can’t find anything!! Anyone have any clues?

Also, I really like the “civil rights is colorless” part of the article.


NAACP marks 100th anniversary, steps into new era

By Stephen Magagnini

Recruiting at churches, schools, job fairs and community events, the Sacramento branch has nearly tripled from 323 adult members to 845 over the past 14 months, with another 45 youth members, said president Betty Williams.

“They’re white and black, Asian, Hispanic, Jewish, Muslim,” said Williams. “I think people are discovering that civil rights is colorless, whether it’s a gender issue, a religious issue, a same-sex issue.”

Jeanette Flowers Kimmons, who’s recruited more than 100 new members herself, added, “I always say don’t wait until something happens to be part of the solution.”

The Sacramento chapter – formed in 1916 in response to lynchings and kidnappings of mixed-race children who were to be raised as house boys – will mark the NAACP’s100th anniversary Nov. 14 with a fundraiser.

duboisnaacp2smlAn image from 1929 of W.E.B. Du Bois with a chapter of the NAACP, Image courtesy of

1 thought on “need to know more

  1. ugh, i remember when i was 18, a teacher humiliated me in class for saying that the naacp helps everyone….

    i like to point out the irony that so many races these days like to talk down to the black race….but it was the civil rights of the 1960s that got these rights for EVERYONE…heck white people have managed to use those rights against blacks even! i still believe blacks have been the unsung heroes of america….i am just waiting for the day that blacks get their just credit.

    thats scary about the mixed race children being kidnapped and lynched.

    have you used academic search websites…i recently discovered how those can be better than google when you know what your looking for and how to phrase it. (im still working on that part myself).

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