6 thoughts on “re: conditioned to the method of white superiority

  1. Seriously crack me up and then make me cry! I think my favorite is the snotty little child with the soap. Here’s what I would say back, “why don’t your mama pull up your sock?”

  2. Tiff, I view these old cartoons with an old and familiar mix of humor and seething anger. The ‘addition’ of humor to my response mechanism was, very likely, initially self-protective, but also, as with other such, and similar, mechanisms we have developed over time, an integral piece of the effort to de-dehumanize their efforts, and to dull the fangs of one more of their denigrating tactics. It is much the same mechanism that ‘permitted’ so many of us to begin wholesale use of the ‘N’ word in our internal communication system. Principally, if we use that dirty word humouoursly, and WITH THE OBVIOUSLY ALTERED DEFINITION TO THE ONE IT WAS INTENDED, we thus take away from them at least a piece of their intent, surely one of their most singularly potent, destructive, inventions, for there is no other language use for that word; not a damned thing ambiguous about it.

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