6 thoughts on “four years ago

  1. We can never forget. How heartbreaking and a horrible example of how our country cannot manage to get itself organize or prepared for such disasters. Let us also not forget the racial politics of this… if it had been in, well, Palm Beach FL- the response would of been quite different. Those images are so saddening.

  2. Yes CW! The saddest most unnatural part of this natural disaster is the “help” that was finally sent. The guns. It sickens me. After going through fifty-some depressing pages of google images of Katrina, I just couldn’t write anything about it. But the guns!! That is the greatest sorrow. Total disregard for human life. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Those photos are just chilling. My mother north of Houston, TX and she said even there they were affected. She said that there were long lines of cars leaving southern Texas passing through the city she lives. She said that she ending up hosting several groups of people at her home because they ran out of gas at the gas stations. Then there was a shortage of food and she said there were military units at the local groceries. So I can just imagine how much it was in Southern Lousiana and Southern Texas.

    Hopefully, something like this that won’t happen again.

  4. The three pictures that stood out most to me which are the saddest and disturbing is the picture of the men pleading for help with the the scribbled message on the road and then the picture of four people helping one dog…hmm.
    The other one is of the old lady wrapped in the Americain flag. How beautiful and tragic it is. Symbolic in so many ways.

  5. This collection of photos just makes we want to cry still to this day over what happened during and after Katrina. I study geography and am writing a paper for my graduate class on a method for more accurately visually representing population density to improve hazard preparedness and evacuation plans. May this never happen again!

    not funny….. but on a more serious note, i find it funny that this was the same year he tried to appease the poor and the minorities with no child left behind, intended to help them specifically when they are the ones continuing to have overwhelming drop out rates and lack of funding because they dont meet the laws standards when they take the tests. Im not black, but if i was id be the crazy motherfucker marchin on washington because racism still exists in the hearts of those that benefit off of the disadvantaged. economically and educationaly. NCLB was good politics from a horrible horrible president.

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