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Conservative Activist Forwards Racist Pic Showing Obama As Witch Doctor

By Zachary Roth – July 23, 2009

The election of our first black president has brought with it a strange proliferation of online racism among conservatives.

And we’ve got the latest example.

On Sunday night, Dr. David McKalip forwarded to fellow members of a Google listserv affiliated with the Tea Party movement the image below. Above it, he wrote: “Funny stuff.”


McKalip isn’t just some random winger. He’s a Florida neurosurgeon, who serves as a member of the American Medical Association’s House of Delegates.

Asked about the email in a brief phone interview with TPMmuckraker, McKalip said he believes that by depicting the president as an African witch doctor, the “artist” who created the image “was expressing concerns that the health-care proposals [made by President Obama] would make the quality of medical care worse in our country.” McKalip said he didn’t know who created it.

But pressed on what was funny about an image that plays on racist stereotypes about Africans, McKalip declined to say, instead offering to talk about why he opposes Obama’s health-care proposals.

“I have a busy day,” he said eventually, before ending the call.

3 thoughts on “shaking my head

  1. these racist images that conservatives keep on sending online, are pretty immature and pathetic.

    and they are always wondering why blacks rarely vote republican…gee, i wonder why, the conservatives not only make all these racist pics and then back them, but then they support racists like limbaugh and coulter…..

    republicans are hypocrites….

    the republican party is getting crazier and crazier, at some point it will probably collapse….

    its a shame that the good guys like obama and gates are being vilified…yet they wont vilify the actual bad guys…the republicans!

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