I am speechless.  Still in shock.  I can’t wrap my mind around this.  A world without Michael Jackson!?  As a child of the ’80’s I loved this man.  I had countless stickers, posters, buttons, gloves, socks, a Beat It jacket, records, tapes, cds….  There was a summer during which I watched The Making of Thriller every day.  Sometimes twice a day.  I taught myself the dance.  I took break dancing lessons and our recital number was Thriller, and of course I knew the whole thing already.  This is just so sad.  Right now I don’t have anything else to say about it.




michael_jackson young
















11 thoughts on “michael

  1. Awesome Photo Tribute!! You’re right…a world without him is just–WEIRD. I can’t even smile. When I do, it’s not genuine. RIP Michael.

  2. I didnt see this coming at all. happen so suddenly. i was shocked. he made such a huge influence in the world and he will be missed. a true legend of music. R.I.P 🙂

  3. I can’t even get my head around it, I cried this morning watching some news video’s and then music video’s. When I saw the news story online I was shocked and didn’t shed a tear, thought it was fake or they printed the wrong name thinking Farrah Fawcett…and thought I had read it wrong…..

    I don’t think the world will ever be the same at all, he’s Michael Jackson..

    I have admired him since I was little..the same as you, poster’s, keyrings, books, infact I was obsessed with the whole Jackson family. Do you remember 3T? I had a major thing for them, every cd, poster, concert I was there…same with Janet.
    It’s like losing a family member as he influenced me in so many ways too…

    I thought he would live forever and ever like peter pan…he still will but not the in same way 😦

  4. I was just watching some of Michael’s old videos and the Jackson 5. Brought back some fond memories. My favorite songs are ‘The way you make me feel’ , ‘Billie Jean’ and ‘Don’t stop till you get enough’. I remember waiting to watch Thriller for the first time. His influence on fashion, music, video production and showmanship was huge. Not to mention his ability to transcend race and religion. Love him, hate him, ambivalent or indifferent, nobody can deny his talent. He’ll be missed 😦

  5. this was the most unexpected tragedy!
    i didnt think it was real, i couldnt believe what i was hearing on the news channel.
    I grew up loving Michael Jackson, and honestly to me I never thought he would die so early… i never thought he would get old. I couldnt imagine a old 80 year old man in Michael Jackson…i always think of him as being youthful.

    he is missed in my heart.

  6. i have been writing a blog entry every day since it happened… it has been quite healing. it’s been extremely difficult for me to deal with. i hope whatever i write has been healing for whoever else reads it.

    i did a radio show in honor of him the day it happened… i usually play his music almost every week on the air (and i’ve done specials in his honor as well). but that evening was surreal. i was glad to have people with me, because i would have broken down on the air. before and after that i did. i plan to do another special show in august, in honor of his born day.

    when i walked into the station and air room everyone was worried about me, because they know how much i love him. the first song played when i came in was ‘speechless’. i actually put the needle on that song; it’s one of my top favourite MJ songs. the second it came on the tears would not stop. that is exactly how i felt.

    it’s been almost a month and i think i have not cried a total of five days out of 20. he was (and still is) a teacher of mine, in so many ways hard to explain.

    it has also been frustrating because i have not had people to grieve with here really… so writing has helped me.


  7. mj is my fav artist it just sucks that he is pasted on i just wished that i have gottin a chance to meet him or at leaste say hi he is so great!!!!!!

  8. Michael Jackson will be missed! i remember doing the talent show dedicating it to him!

  9. no one was like Michael Jackson,no one is like Michael Jackson,and no one will be like Michael Jackson

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