away we go


I just saw “Away We Go.”  I totally loved it! So much!  It’s so real, and they handle “the biracial” perfectly.  Outsiders bring it up, but the couple never does.  The way Verona is patronized by LN (Maggie Gyllenhaal) really hit home for me.  And I loved Catherine O’Hara as the mother-in-law asking, “How black is she gonna be?” in reference to the new baby.  And the golliwog slippers!  Here’s an excerpt from a Huffington Post interview with Maya Rudolph that Karen of hipped me to.

W&H: What are your thoughts on why we don’t see more films with African American women leads.

MR: It’s certainly not for me to answer because I have nothing to do with why the world is as f***ed up as it is. It has less to do with TV and movies and more to do with race and history and culture. It’s obviously a reflection of the world we live in. Although I still can’t believe we have a president who is mixed like me. It’s one thing that we have a black president but for me it’s even crazier because he’s mixed. I feel like I come from a smaller off shoot of black people because I am mixed. People say I’m African American but that doesn’t include the other half of me.

I can’t believe I’m living in a time where I feel proud of my president where I feel like things are actually positive and people feel good about where our country can be.

I don’t know the answer to your question and I don’t know if there is one. I plan to keep doing what I’m doing because race is just not a part of the way I look at the world and the way I live my life. I think that was a minor, key thing in the way that Dave and Vendela wrote the script. Verona is mixed and Burt is white but nobody talks about it. That felt realistic to me in my day to day life. People expect race to be an issue and I was raised in a house where it was never as issue. My parents were interested in having us feel like we were normal whatever that is.



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