smoke and rain

New York is experiencing torrential downpours today.  Early this morning the rain took a break, so I decided to go for a run after hearing that the thunderstorms would return in 45 minutes.  It was sprinkling when I took off, but since my hair is already curly, this didn’t bother me at all.  It was actually kind of nice.  I was surprised though by all of the smokers in the park huddling under trees or umbrellas for an early morning cigarette.  The second hand smoke was much more disturbing than the rain.  I’ll never understand why people under a certain age smoke.  With people over a certain age (I’m unclear on what age I mean exactly), I sort of understand because cigarettes used to be marketed as not only cool, but healthy.  But now we all know the deadly truth, so what gives?


kid putting cigarette out

yay, kid!!


asthma cigarettes

ummm…. not for children under 6!? treats foul breath and diseases of the throat!? omg! a greater pack of lies could not exist.  it makes me wonder what is the “cigarette” of today.  what deadly vice, chemical, food, or beverage are they touting as healthy that in 25-50 years from now we will all recognize as lethal?  high fructose corn syrup maybe…

drs smoke camel


throat cigarettes

By the way, the weather lady was wrong and the storms rolled in early and I got totally drenched, but I must admit that I enjoyed running in the downpour.  I never would have guessed that either.

1 thought on “smoke and rain

  1. Oh! You were caught in the rain! That was probably…fun 🙂 It’s raining pollen here!!
    Yeah these retro-ads pushing nicotine cancer sticks are big thumbs down.

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