not a stereotype, just a fact



I really do.  It makes me so happy.  So happy in fact that people have commented on the watermelon joy they witness on my face.  When I was three I had a great Christmas.  Santa was REALLY good to me.  My favorite gift though, was a watermelon.  I wish I had the picture scanned into my computer so that I could post it here.  I do have this picture scanned in though:


This is me and my mom in Kyoto, Japan.  I am eating watermelon.  Look at that smile.  It’s so big that I almost look Japanese.

5 thoughts on “not a stereotype, just a fact

  1. I love that photo!!! I’m going to eat some watermelon in your honor right now!

  2. LOL @ Melissa!

    I can see exactly where you got that smile. Both of them are stunning!! It’s like…sunshine times 2,lol.

  3. I do too! There is funny family story about how when I was very young, in the dead of winter I went up to my mom and asked her when it would be time to have that red fruit. The one with the black small roaches in it. LOL!

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