tennessee again

I used to, and by that I mean before yesterday, think that I would love to live in Tennessee.  I admit that this belief had a lot to do with my love and admiration for one Amy Grant.  I know that nothing can come between me and my Amy, but Tennessee I’m rethinking.


Jack in the Box settles claim on behalf of worker

Associated Press – May 20, 2009 11:15 AM ET

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) – Fast-food chain Jack in the Box has settled a lawsuit filed by federal officials on behalf of a worker at a Nashville restaurant for $20,000.

The Tennessean reported Frances Griffith, a white hostess, said she was subjected to repeated “obscene racial epithets” by African-American co-workers and that one told her she should kill her unborn baby because it was of mixed race.

The lawsuit by the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission stated Griffith called a company ethics hot line last April, after which the chain investigated and fired one employee for making racial remarks.

The claim stated the harassment continued and the company did not respond to her further complaints.

In a statement Tuesday, Jack in the Box said the company doesn’t tolerate discrimination or harassment of any kind.

 Information from: The Tennessean, http://www.tennessean.com

I don’t think of Jack in the Box as having a hostess, but I’ve never actually been to one.  I also don’t suddenly hate Tennessee because crap like this can happen anywhere.

4 thoughts on “tennessee again

  1. Jack in the Box isn’t that impressive, it’s pretty much like McDonald’s or any other fast food restaurant. There was a brief time when I wanted to move to Tennessee because of the “Christian scene” but that desire faded away. If I ever move south it will be to Miami or Wilmington, NC.

    Side note: Check out this link, it’s a news story about the rise of mixed people in our country. It’s not ground-breaking or anything but interesting enough. Lots of statistics are given:


  2. The yahoo-AP article, posted by Karen, was interesting. It, and Tiffany’s efforts overall, are something with which a certain Black Studies professor at UNLV would no doubt be unhappy. This professor recently wrote his own article (http://chronicle.com/free/v55/i38/38b00401.htm). In essence, it amounts to: “Sorry, but identifying as multiracial or biracial is foolish/wrong.” Notwithstanding this professor’s utterances of wanting to break down race and the racial boxes, he is all about one thing: maintaining rigid racial classification/boxes. For, in his mind, only after the race-based inequalities and inequities – mainly between blacks and whites – have sufficiently diminished can there be any fluidity with racial identity. Evidently the good professor will tell others when that time is and just how much fluidity might then be allowed.

    Tiffany, keep up the good work. And if you get a chance, check out the very entertaining book, “Black No More” by George S. Schuyler. It’s a quick read.

    Bobby T.

  3. First of all, you are absolutely right. This could have happened anywhere. Secondly, there is more to the story. Last, that is disgusting for anyone to even think to utter such horrible, hateful words!!!

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