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hoorayforbooksHere’s a link to an article featuring two of my favorite (biracial) authors:

Black, White, Other (Funderburg) was the first book I read when I embarked on my “from black to biracial” journey.  Caucasia (Sennawas the second.  They couldn’t be more different, one being fiction the other non, nor could they have had a more positive influence in guiding me through the paradigm shift.  

I love what they had to say about “biracial” in the age of Obama:

Senna stressed that she in no way trying to compete with the president before noting, “I’ve been thinking about this long before Obama.”

Asked if it bothers her that Barack Obama identifies as black, Senna answered that it did not. “He’s very open about his multiracial background. I identify as black. It’s a very mixed-race experience.”

Funderburg agreed, saying that the influence of his biracial heritage emerged prominently during the speech Obama made in Philadelphia last year in the aftermath of the controversy surrounding his former minister the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. 

“I have the great, great fortune of having loving connections to the white and black sides of my families,” Funderburg said. “I’ve had from birth the chance to understand how identity forms on different levels, to understand more than one side in every story.”

I am very much looking forward to reading Pig Candy and Where Did You Sleep Last Night?.  And speaking of favorite biracial authors, I’m also very much looking forward to reading Heidi W. Durrow’s novel The Girl Who Fell From the Sky which you can pre-order from Amazon…

3 thoughts on “biracial books

  1. Tiff!! I’ve SO many books to read! I can’t wait ’til summer! I bet Heidi’s book is interesting. I also can’t wait to pre-order your book….

  2. It’s very refreshing to hear of books about biracial people.
    Up until very recently rarely did anyone venture upon the subject of we biracial Americans.

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