5 thoughts on “paris

  1. I just got back on Monday night from a long weekend in Paris and it was everything I dreamed it would be. Such a magical city!

  2. wow!! i’m glad you had a great time. i think it is my favorite city 🙂

  3. Paris it is a great city, fell in love with it after being there for two weeks in winter vacation, think in summer it is even more beautiful. Adore Paris!

  4. i absolutely LOVE the picture of the eiffel tower and what looks like a spinning carnavel ride. I would love to have the picture as a mural in my home. I would need to have the HTML code that goes with it. If you would be generous enough to let me do so i would be more then over joyed. Thank-you.

  5. Hi Risa,
    I’m so sorry, but I don’t have the html code. Not that I’m aware of. I randomly found this on the internet a long time ago. I don’t know the source.

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