I have been finding so many wonderful pictures on the internet these days.  Mostly from tumblr blogs such as pocketmonsterd, lunaticpill, kari-shma, and unicornology.  To my delightful surprise many of these pictures are of cupcakes! I love cupcakes. So I’m going to post cool cupcakes from time to time.  Just because they make me smile and maybe you will too.  I also have lots of pictures of giraffes, old school stuff from my childhood, Paris ( I LOVE Paris!), nature, dogs…..  So I’ll be posting pics of stuff I like just because I like it and maybe you will too.

This is the most stunning cupcake photo yet and a good one to start with I think….



This also goes in the “old school stuff from my childhood” category.  I was really into Pac-Man and even more into Ms. Pac-Man.  And I was pretty good at it too.  Especially at one of those sit-down table-top versions.  Fun and Yum!

7 thoughts on “cupcakes

  1. I loved Pac Man. When I parents finally bought me an Atari game system I was so excited. I used to play Pac Man for hours on that thing. I got a callous in the web of my thumb from the joystick.

  2. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I have always loved Pac Man!! I still love it…this definitely brings back some good ol’ memories and I am smiling 🙂
    You should try making that one day, hee-hee-hee!! That’s neat…

  3. oooo i want one!! i liked pac man when i was young but i really like tetris more. lol

  4. it’s probably yellow with vanilla frosting under fondue?? Heck! They look scrumptious. Maybe the batter was white. Or cherry. Or chocolate. Or…….i’m drooling!

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