further the cause, fill out the survey

My friend Naehalani is conducting two studies on biracial identity for her Senior Thesis.  Yay!  If you have a moment, and are biracial, you can help her with the project by filling out the survey and emailing it to her.  I did.  Just click on “Biracial Survey” and the document should download to your computer.  Open it and answer away.  Instead of circling the most accurate choice for me, I typed my answers in after the questions.  It really did take 5 minutes.  Maybe less.

Naehalani(far left) and her siblings

From Naehalani:

Hello to all!

I need your help!  My name is Naehalani Breeland and I am biracial,
mixed with Hawaiian and Caucasian.  Having grown up predominantly with
my Hawaiian mother in both Hawaii and on the mainland… (and being
strongly influenced by both my Hawaiian culture and mainstream
American culture) I have come to identify as mixed race/biracial.
More and more we are seeing biracial and multiracial individuals speak
out about our unique identity development, juggling identities and so
forth.  So, for my Senior Thesis in psychology at Eugene Lang College
in New York City, I am conducting two studies on biracial identity and
I am asking you all to participate in these studies by filling out the
surveys below.  While this is helping me to graduate (fingers
crossed), it is also helping all of us to inform others on our
biracial/multiracial experiences.

For confidentiality purposes, you can email your completed survey to
me at breelj73@newschool.com or naehalanibreeland@gmail.com.
• Open the word document below
• Fill out the survey
• Save the completed document as CompletedBISurvey and the time (ex:
CompletedBISurvey10:31am) so that I can differentiate them
• Email it back to me.
The survey will take approximately 5 minutes! So quick and easy!  And
again, all the information will be confidential.

Biracial Survey

Also, if any of you are part of a biracial family in which you and
your siblings vary in skin tones please email me!  As an individual
coming from a family of all different skin variations, I have found
that my siblings and I often have different experiences in our
everyday life, and therefore we have also had a different identity
development. Sooo, my second study is on how society and family affect
the growth and perception of biracial individuals when their siblings
are of different skin tones. Basically it is about how we learn who we
are through others’ influence.  This is a small population, I
know…which is why I need all the help I can get from you!

the twins: Naehalani’s niece and nephew

I really really really appreciate your participation in advance.  It’s
helping me more than you all could imagine!!!

Take Care and have a wonderful day!

Naehalani Breeland

3 thoughts on “further the cause, fill out the survey

  1. great project, Naeha. will send this on to your cousins – and their cousins. Happy graduation! We’re very proud of you and miss you! ~auntie junie

  2. Thank you all for the support! I have received some great feedback and completed surveys!!! I would be happy to share the finished product with whomever is interested. And thank you so much auntie june, miss you too! and that would be so helpful if you passed it on!

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