11 thoughts on ““race mixing is communism”

  1. Wow … we’ve come so far. NOT!

    Now racism is carried out more silently, more insidiously. Still have so far to go.

    The overt fearmongering is now aimed at the gays. Guess the political machine of “if you can’t scare the masses, you can’t get elected” mantra is alive and well.


  2. race mixing is communism…

    you know how the paranoid right are saying america is headed towards socialism? talk about history pretty much repeating itself.

  3. im also biracial, half black half white. but racism like in these pics still exists, go to the african american forums on topix and u will see plenty of them

  4. No wonder people likle al and jesse are always on their fuse! mow i know what they must have witnessed. Personally I have always thought they should jsut go away but if they have seen this shit for real in a rally…..man I can’t forget till I die…..

  5. You shouldn’t mix races. It’s bad for everyone involved. You are a mere mongrel. You belong to no one now.

  6. I think it would be cooler if we didn’t mix races. I mean then humans would evolve slowly into different subspecies, which is a really neat idea.

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