yay, corbin bleu

and his dad!


Hollywood Exclusive by Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith – Oct 12th, 2009


Twenty-year-old “High School Musical” cutie Corbin Bleu is more than glad that his character’s family in his new “Free Style” movie is biracial, just like his own family. He made a point of seeing to it that casting was done that way.

He tells us that, with himself and his father two of the producers on the feature, opening tomorrow (10/9), “It was one thing we definitely wanted to play to. So many times in films, you’ll have interracial kids, but they’ll still have two black parents. At this time, right now, where we are now, you’re seeing many more interracial families. So many people are mixing and it’s wonderful and that needs to be portrayed more in our films.”

Corbin notes that, being a producer, “This is the first time I got to take hold of some of the reins and I’d like to do more. I was involved in locations and casting and wardrobe and all that.”


Synopsis: (via)

In the film, Bleu takes center stage as Cale Bryant, a biracial, Pacific Northwest teen whose father left his mom, Jeanette (Penelope Ann Miller), years ago when Cale’s young sister Bailey (Madison Pettis) was born. Regardless, Cale’s a polite, well-raised young man who, when not busy at the electronics store, delivers pizzas, takes care of sis while Mom waitresses, and races alongside his bud Justin (Jesse Moss), dreaming of turning pro.

Cale briefly gets angry with his mom, who turns out to have known the whereabouts of the kids’ deserter dad (David Reivers, Bleu’s real-life father and a producer of this film), and suffers taunts from rich-boy rider Derek (Matt Bellefleur).


3 thoughts on “yay, corbin bleu

  1. i wish i was with corbin bleu right now in fact i wish that he would come to my 21rst birthday this year that would make me so excited i totally think that hes a hottie i want him to be my boy friend some day my birthday is 9/21/89 September 21rst of this year would be my 21rst birthday so be there or be square.

  2. What’s good about this? Corbin’s mom and dad ( like most unions of black men and NON-black women) didn’t stay together at all. It was over fast. And his white mom has a bunch of kids who don’t look the same race and have too different last names.
    Being biracial isn’t NEW and it isn’t magic. If it were, then most black Americans, most Caribbean blacks, and most Afro-latinos would levitate, glow in the dark, and be economically and politically stable happy groups with equal power where they live.
    I’m not bashing you who cling to the idea of being biracial…..and thus, special and unique- but you are fooling yourselves. BIRACIAL and mixed people have been here for many centuries! You need to consider HOW they come to exist…..the circumstances. The parents and the content of their character. THAT is what will decide mixed race lead the society into a racially unified future. But if the parents are racially prejudice (as black males often are against dark and/or black women and men who aren’t black) and these mixed families can’t stay united (and just keep up the old excuse of blaming society for their break ups) then how can mixed race kids do anything to further the human family staying together?

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