3 thoughts on “re: shaking my head

  1. You know what……?!! I wish that you could’ve heard/seen my initial reaction.

  2. you know whats funny in all this republican bash obama rama?

    they got mad at him for self-identifying as a black man. and say he must see himself as a biracial man. (you know how they pretty much say you are black when you do bad. but if you do any good, you must be biracial).

    so when these republicans keep making all this hate stuff on obama..i wonder if they realize they are making fun of themselves in the process.

    he is half white. so it is kinda ironic when whites make fun of biracial people, they fail to realize they are making fun of themselves too….they wanted to override his personal decision to self identify as a “biracial black man”, and try and discredit his black side.

    now they make fun of him for being black, but they dont realize that they because he is half white, they are making fun of whties too.

    i wish someone would make mention of this on tv.

    maybe the republicans will shut up…or knowing them they will find some lame loophole excuse to continue their racist escapade.

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