3 thoughts on “boxes

  1. This would be one set of boxes I’d definitely refuse to check. Heck, the only time boxes are useful are for storing items, not people. People aren’t meant to be in boxes. That’s why we have other methods of transport :-).

    There’s my “Spock” ad-lib for the day.

  2. LOL! @Sportsbrain09 and this post!!! I agree. I thought we were trying to get rid of the boxes. Yet, I’m sure that I go into the “ok to hang out with” box….just a feeling that I have 🙂

  3. ive always felt categorizing was separate from labeling/stereotyping.

    the way i see it, we subconsciously categorize the people in our lives. from who are our friends, good friends, acquaintances, to our enemies, frenemies. etc.

    i mean we kinda have to categorize the people in our lives, because there are some things you are okay with your good friends knowing, but you dont want your acquaintances knowing.

    i find its different from labels. as labels and stereotypes are based on the outer appearances. they arent based on knowing the people or the role they play in your life. labels and stereotypes are just there to use to judge people and make people feel superior or inferior.

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