double standard?

A couple of weeks ago I happened upon this place in Harlem….


*Apr 01 - 00:05*

Obama Fried Chicken!?!?  I was kind of shocked by it, and expected to hear about a little protest or something. Aren’t we trying to combat these stereotypes? 

Then, two days ago I saw this on the aol homepage…

obama fingersA German company has introduced a new line of frozen snacks called “Obama-Fingers”.  After receiving some negative attention, the Sprehe company claimed to be unaware of the stereotype that African Americans LOVE fried chicken, and stated that they only wanted it to be thought of as an American-style snack. Side note:  We wouldn’t dip our fingers in curry sauce. I like ranch dressing. Some like to use bbq sauce, blue cheese dressing, or honey mustard for dipping. That’s pretty irrelevant, I’m just sayin’.  What is relevant tho is the stereotyping issue. It’s ok for blacks to perpetuate the stereotype, but not for the Germans? In my opinion, if we want to get rid of the stereotype, it isn’t ok for anyone to perpetuate it.

3 thoughts on “double standard?

  1. Yea. Okay. Right!! They didn’t know…you know that was a LIE!!! The side note was pretty funny and you’re right about the curry sauce tho, lol. I agree. We have to abstain from contributing to the stereotypes in order to rid of them. For example, calling each other the N-word and claiming that it’s out of love??? Or just a “Black Thing” b/c the ending of it is pronounced differently?? That is ridiculous! However, things like watermelon and fried chicken…it’s almost like we (black folks) are afraid of eating what we have a taste for in public. Screw them and their stereotypes!! I love fried chicken. And watermelon 🙂

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