aunizvpxmm6y1kglcz75ysrho1_400 I’ve gotten some new haters on youtube in the last few days.  I feel two ways about this: 1) irritated, 2) pleased.  There I go being a constant contradiction again, which I’m beginning to think just goes along with being black and white in America.  The general notion is that the two are so different and don’t mix, and here I (we) am (are) going around being both simultaneously.  I’m bound to contradict myself a lot while holding two things equally relevant, valid, important, impactful, etc.  Anyway, I was feeling kind of neglected by the haters.  They challenge me, they teach me, they send me new viewers.  Some of these haters call me a tragic mulatto. Others say that “biracial” doesn’t exist.  Some say I’m ugly and stupid.  I never even contemplate letting them get under my skin.  They certainly can ruffle my feathers, I’m only human after all, but that’s surface stuff.  Mostly they strengthen my passionate desire to answer the call to:




to let others know that





and that




but ultimately, haters (who are probably not reading this)






12 thoughts on “haters

  1. That last sentence is exactly what the haters are for…to keep us DRIVEN. I have not seen the comments about you being stupid, tho. That’s a new one….any-old-ways.
    Wow! You sure had a lot on your mind TODAY. I know what you’re going thru, Tiff. I’ve got HATERS all around me- -You don’t even know. We will just keep doin what we do!! 🙂

  2. Don’t let the haters get you down. They are just jealous of you, because you are beautiful.

  3. I’ve been subscribed to you for a few months or more…who can keep up with all the subscriptions. Anyway I saw a video from another vlogger that I used to really enjoy a couple a years ago and well it was beyond nasty. I was really turned off. She was being just cruel with the bi-racial disdain she had. BTW I’m black just like her (well you know that unknown AA mix, lol) I’m glad you addressed the hater issue I really don’t get the meanness with the bi-racial thing. Don’t let them even get to you it not you its really them. I don’t get why wont people just let other people be them without stifling them.

    Hate is so 80’s

  4. Well said. You’re definitely not ugly or stupid. I’ve dealt with this problem a little bit now that my documentary has been out there for a couple months. Reading this helps me figure out how to approach them.

    On a side note, I’m enjoying your way of communicating messages on this site.

  5. like i said before. “if u have haters, you def doing something right” and ur doing something that is making an impact on alot of people.:-) love ya girl!!

  6. Even God has a hater (a.k.a the devil) but that doesn’t stop him from doing great things. Keep up the good work Tiffany!

  7. I’m a black woman and truly feel sad for those who try and include/claim biracials as black. I see you as fellow human beings but have no affinity beyond that and I challenge others to work on getting to the same level. This is not to say that people of different ethnicities cannot share true friendship, but we must all get to the point of perceiving you at completely separate from our race.

  8. i can’t say that I agree that we are a completely separate race. i’m not me without being black. it’s just also true that i’m not me without being white. i think this all points to the need to get rid of these classifications and just stick with human 🙂

  9. ok sweetheart your awsome see im not a heater…. your a hater im a hater we are all haters, we all hate. to the coment on the of even god has a hater does not exclude him from. he hates what i do with compassion…. these people are tired…. had bad days and there probably not even mulatto. so there hate…. is understandable…. they will not harm you. you are amzing now.

  10. Everyone is insecure haters are the MOST insecure. I personally just laugh it off becuae i’ve got no time to deal with negativity. lol. Great post. 🙂

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